Partenership and contractualisation
for a better water and sanitation service:

Financing for partnerships and contractualisation initiatives; sources and criteria; maximising impacts and benefits from regional networks.
The WOP Initiative: Peer support partnerships undertaken in Africa and impacts; Support sub-programs/projects.
Approaches; buy-in options/alternatives practical steps/phases; lessons in Africa so far.

and prospects:
A focus on performance: initiatives/innovations to achieve sustainable service delivery.
Focussing on investment financing for the poor (approaches, bottlenecks and success factors). Experiences in developing countries.
Emphasis on strengthening capacity building and governance for water infrastructure.

The NTIC in water and sanitation management:
Science, research, technologies, etc. Emphasis on: The role of research, networking and knowledge management in creating learning organisation - relevance to water management practices.
Integration of research based, appropriate technologies, and knowledge in the water and sanitation sector. Affordable/appropriate technologies in promoting water governance.
Mobilisation and stakeholder networking options/innovations to reduce climatic change effects in developing countries - what perspectives are critical?

Climate change and energy issues:
Perspectives and Threats (Direct Effects and Mitigation: Water Supply Dimension)

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